When Majnu wrote a letter to Laila and then tore it

When Majnu wished to write love letter to Laila, he picked a pen and wrote this verse

خیالک فی عینی واسمک نی فمی
وزکرک فی قلبی الی این کتب

Khayalak Fi Ainee, W’Asmak Nee Fimmi

W’Zikrak Fi Qalbi, Ila Ayn Alkutb

‘Your sight in my eyes, and your name on my tongue

Your thought in my hear, so whom shall I write this letter to now? [as your existence has become my existence]


A long time Majnu wondered on these verse as he realized there is no need to write the letter anymore. The existence of Laila has become his own.


Hence, he tore the letter and broke the pen!


Whichever state you are strive for your beloved. When you attain true love, the beloved existence becomes part of you, whether in grave, or in paradise.


Excerpt from Fihi Ma Fihi by Maulana Rumi


Sufi in Water



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