Why Hazrat Usman didn’t say a word at his khutba?

Why Hazrat Usman didn’t say a word at his khutba? – Sufi Story from Maulan Rumi’s Fihi Ma Fihi

When Hazrat Usman became the 3rd Caliph and sat on the minbar, the audience was awaiting his speech.

Therefore, it seems unusual when he nodded to the audience to keep quiet. Following that, he remained quiet and started glancing at the audience with absolute and sheer quietness.

It was a glance of a wise, shy and generous Sahabi, and his audiences felt a state of ecstasy and self-isolation. They were transported into a state of self-scrutiny and self-reflection and found answers to the questions they were looking for, without an actual conversation.

Hazrat Usman continued such until the end of the session, when he left the minbar and stated just one sentence:


Inna Lakum Imam Fa’ala Khair Lakum Min Imam Aqwaal

“Verily, an Imam that actually does things (amal) is better than one who merely talks the talk”


Medina Munawara





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