Why we will NOT celebrate Eid in 2024?

Gaza is why we will NOT celebrate Eid in 2024?

The haunting call to prayer reverberated through a park in Pakistan, marking the solemn occasion of Eid amidst sunny skies, a stark contrast to the usual jubilant atmosphere that accompanies the end of Ramadan.

In ordinary times, Eid in Pakistan is a time of celebration, with families coming together for feasts, donning new clothes, and exchanging heartfelt greetings. Yet, amidst the backdrop of plastic signs proclaiming “Happy Eid,” there hung a heavy cloud of sorrow, weighing down the spirits of Palestinian American Muslims and their allies.

As families gathered in the park, laying out prayer rugs in preparation for the sacred rituals, their hearts were burdened by a profound sense of grief and helplessness. Instead of anticipation, there was only a sense of resignation, a tacit acknowledgment that this Eid would be different, marred by the anguish of distant conflicts.

Many of the people who attended had their voices trembling with emotion, spoke of the inner turmoil that gripped them: “We’re here to pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine – in Gaza, the West Bank.” These words echoe the collective pain of a community torn apart by violence and injustice.

The recent escalation of tensions in Gaza and Jerusalem, fueled by the ongoing struggles of the Palestinian people, cast a dark shadow over the joyous occasion. The forced displacement of families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, the desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque, and the relentless cycle of violence perpetrated by the oppressors left no room for celebration.

As the sun set over the park in Pakistan, a somber silence descended, overshadowing the fleeting moments of warmth and camaraderie. This Eid, instead of revelry, served as a solemn reminder of the enduring struggle for justice and peace in the face of unbelieve suffering of Gazan.



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