10 Greatest Sufi Rock Songs from new Pakistani Band

10 Greatest Sufi Rock Songs from new Pakistani Band

Sufi Music, like any genre of music, has not remain stagnant over time but blended with so many other varieties of music. Sufi Rock and Sufi Metal are two genres that remain popular with the youth. Without further adieu, we present the 10 Great Sufi Rock and Sufi Metal songs that came from new bands in Pakistan recently.


10. Allah Hi Dega – Darvesh Band

Allah Hi Dega was a cover by Darvesh Band, which has beautiful Sufi lyrics as a person looks to his God for help and mercy during hardships.



9. Bol Hu – Soch the Band featuring Hadiya Hashmi

Soch the Band debuted with a movie OST and showed signs of Sufi nuances in their lyrics. This became evident in their Bol Hu track featuring Hadiya Hashmi, a song that truly gives good bumps for its powerful vocals.



8. Meda Ishq Vi Tu – Kashmir Band

Meda Ishq Vi Tu is a Pathanay Khan track loved by millions. Kashmir band’s version was a more darker and gloomier version which is a beautiful rendition.



7. Bullah – Sarmasta

Sarmasta rose to fame with their debut song Bulla at a bands competition in Pakistan. Although remain a 1 hit wonder so far, the track is superb.


6. Ali Maula – Badnaam

Badnaam is a proper Sufi rock who has composed several exceptional Sufi rock and metal songs. With their frontman Ahmad Gilani, who is also the lead guitarist, Badnaam is certainly the band to watch out for.




5. Main – Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat is the lead singer for great Sufi Rock band ever, Junoon. Ali also as solo artists releases few tracks which has Sufi nuances such as Maula for a Bollywood movie as well as a Main, a track about discovering ‘self’.





4. Mann Atkeya by Dhool

Dhool is a recent Sufi rock band from Pindi, which with tracks such as Qalandar has marked their place firm in this genre. Mann Atkeya by Dhool is a track with gives a heavy metal flavour to an amazing kalam and it is our favourite Sufi track of the moment.





3. Husn e Haqiqi [Kalam Baba Ghulam Farid] – by Black Hour

Black Hour is a proper heavy metal band which with ‘Aik Nai Subh’ rocked the music scene in Pakistan. Their latest album Woh Jahan surprisingly features Husn-e-Haqiqi, a Sufi metal track based on Kalam of Khawaja Ghulam Farid.



2. Elia by Asrar

Asrar has releases some exceptional Sufiana songs including Lajpaal Ali and Ranjha. Elia is a modern take on Manqabat of Hazrat Ali R.A., which is an exceptional track.




1. Aj Sik Mitraan De – Saakin

Saakin is a band from Islamabad who with their debut Saaqi-e-Bawafa took the Pakistani music scnee by storm. Aj Sik Mitraan is the famous kala of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah, with a modern take. With high pitched vocals and subtle pianos, with a soft rock take, Aj Sik Mitraan De is the top Sufi track we have from newer bands.







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