100 Best of the Best Ghazals Ever

100 Best Ghazals Ever

100 Greatest Ghazals Ever from Pakistan and India


Urdu Ghazal is considered one of the most authentic and popular genres of eastern music, which are verses of love and separation. Urdu word Ghazal refers to cry of a doe dear when hunted. Ghazal in its true form narrates a tale of yearning, longing for beloved, separation and heartbreak.

Urdu Ghazal rose to greater fame from classical poets such as Mir Taqi Mir and later with Ghalib and Momin Khan Momin, who used simpler Urdu which was more relatable. Allama Iqbal and Faiz were mainly poets of Nazm but wrote many great ghazals too.

Among recent poets, Sahir Ludhianvi and Gulzar from India and Nasir Kazmi and Parveen Shakir are few of the many who kept Ghazal loved by millions.

Jagjit Singh, Tina Sani, Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum and Nayyara Noor raised the genre of Ghazal to people in India, Pakistan and beyond. Their melodious voices still touch heart with ghazal written by great Urdu poets.


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