Ustad Mehmood Ghaznavi Sabri Qawwal – Letter by Wazir Dayers

Dear Brother W,


Before I send you some more Qawwal Bachche qawwali I send you a number of pictures of Ustad Mehmood Ghaznavi Sabri Qawwal, the only one of the original Sabri Brothers who is still alive (born in Karachi in 1949). He is a friend of the Sufi Order that I belong to, the Ne‘matollahi Safi ‘Alishahi Sufi Order. When Ustad Mehmood Sabri Ji is in Europe and has the time for it, he comes to our khanqah (pronounced “khaneghah” in Persian) in Rotterdam, to regale us with his Qawwalis.


The pictures I send you are from June 2006, but I have no more recent pictures. In these pictures, you can still see my late Sufi Master, Hazrat Pir Mawlana Safi ‘Ali Shah II (R.A.), who passed away on 13th December last year, aged only 68. He is dearly missed, and so I hope you won’t mind if I share some of my favourite pictures of him with you.








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