So tyrannous are your eyes: Mystical poem by Zeb-un-Nissa Makhfi

So tyrannous are your eyes: Sufi poem by Zeb-un-Nissa Makhfi [daughter of Aurangzeb]

So tyrannous are your eyes
Even the morning breeze is hot with wrath
No soft burden in its breath it has
It only faints and dies

Like [Hazrat] Khizr, strong and fair
Whose soul is steeped in the immortal spring
The well of life, you shall be worshipping
With holy words of prayer

Born to the Khalif’s place,
None other heir had such high estate as yours
You has the beauty that is all divine
Fairer than a fairy’s grace

From hope I turned in hate
False hope cannot deceive me any further
I know the cruel heavens conspired with you
To darken my fate .

Makhfi, your life flows fast
The days drop evermore from your hands
O turn no weary traveller from your door,
Give him what cheer you have [remaining]


AR Chughtai - Miniature art


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