Story from Kashf ul Mahjoob by Hazrat Ali Hujwiri R.A.

Story of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi - Allama Iqbal

Story of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi – Allama Iqbal

In Kashf ul Mahjoob , Hazrat Ali Hujwiri R.A. narrates story of a pious women, who with her husband used to work for a aristocrat. Once the aristocrat thought of taking advantage of her and sent her husband to some work outside the city. Then he asked her to close all doors of the mansion. She come back and replied:

“I have closed all doors, except one”

“I asked you to close doors”, responds the aristocrat.

“That’s the door between myself and Allah that will never be closed”

Upon hearing this, the aristocrat repented to Allah on his action and begged her for forgiveness.

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