All of Us Will Be With Whom We Love: Sufi Whirling of Hazrat Abu Bakr

shaykh nazim


A Bedouin came to Rasool-ul-Allah S.A.W. and said that he has little prayers and fasts, but he loved Prophet and want to be with him in Paradise.

Prophet S.A.W smiled and replied, “All of us will be with whom we love”.

When Abu Bakr heard Prophet this saying, the greatest Ashiq-e-Rasool, he went to ecstasy and start Whirling.

Naqshbandi Sufi Order stems from Hazrat Abu Bakr, the first whirling Sufi of Islam. I had the honour to be invited by Shaykh Nazim (May Allah bless his soul) who were the head of Naqshbandi Order.

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