Allah’s reply to Moses when he censures a Shepard – Masnavi by Rumi

Allah’s reply to Moses when he censures a Shepard – Masnavi II: Verses 1757

There is a famous story in Masnavi in which a Shepard tells Moses [Hazrat Moosa also called Kalimullah, since he spoke with Allah] that if he found Allah, he will comb Him and pamper Him. Moses get angry with this and censures the innocent for uttering such foolish statements.

Immediately, Hazrat Jibreel messenger bring Allah’s message to Moses not to censure Shepard, since his love for Allah is based on his own understanding and knowledge.


Below verses are part of Allah’s message to Moses.



I [Allah] am beyond and except from all purity and impurity.
I do no need the sloth or swiftness of my people
I made humans not to obtain benefit from them
Rather, I created them so I can shower my mercy and beneficence on them
Hindus praise me in their relative terms of India
And Sindhis glorify my in ways of Singh
I am not purified my their praises [as I am beyond that]
But their praises make them, pure and previous [in Allah’s eyes]

Hazrat Moosa


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