Aqal and Ishq: In words of Master Rumi and his protege Dr. Allama Iqbal

Aqal and Ishq: In words of Master Rumi and his protege Dr. Allama Iqbal


As in our previous post from Maulana’s Rumi Masnavi ‘Why intelligence has no value to God: Story of Bilqis and Soloman’, which shows the intellect is incapable of discovering God and self. It is ishq [true love] that is needed for the task.

Dr. Allama Iqbal has proclaimed himself as spiritual protégé of Maulana Rumi in several of his books and poems. He follows the same philosophy that intellect, reason, logic and wisdom are helpless when it comes to the way of the Sufis and self discovery. It is only with true love [ishq] that once was discover khudi [self].

Below verses by Allama take forward the same message that Rumi’s masnavi conveyed:


عقل عیار ہے، سو بھیس بنا لیتی ہے
عشق بےچارہ نہ ملا ہے نہ زاہد نہ حکیم


Aqqal Ayyaar Hai, Sau Bhays Banaa Leti Hai
Ishq Bechara Na Millah Hai Na Zahid Na Hakeem!


The mind is shrewd, and can adapt a thousand appearances
Love is a simpleton; it knows no cleverness of Mullah or Hakeem.

In yet another poems from Baal-e-Jibreel, probably Allama’s great book of poetry, he states:


عقل گو آستاں سے دور نہیں
اس کی تقدیر میں حضور نہیں


Aqal Go Astaan Se Door Naheen
Iss Ki Taqdeer Mein Huzoor Naheen


Though logic and reason is not far from destination
Yet it gains no entry to [destination of [discovery]

علم میں بھی سرور ہے لیکن
یہ وہ جنّت ہے جس میں حور نہیں


Ilm Mein Bhi Saroor Hai Lekin
Ye Woh Jannat Hai Jiss Mein Hoor Nahin


Although knowledge has its joys
But it is still like a heaven without hoor [i.e. remains incomplete] 



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