Allama Iqbal Tomb Photos

Allama Iqbal Tomb at Hazoori Bagh Lahore

Urdu has witnessed a huge number of Posts and many a Philosophers, but when it comes to genre of Philosopher-Poet, Allama stands in a league of his own. Unlike classical poets like Ghalib, Iqbal was immensely celebrated and decorated during his own lifetime, something manifested by a Knighthood by British Empire, a doctorate in Germany as well as following by millions of admirers across Indian Subcontinent, Persia and Turkey.

His funeral was a massive public event, attended by tens of thousands. His final resting place was agreed to be agreed to Hazoori Bagh Lahore, unarguably the most central location in Lahorr right in the middle of grand Shahi Qila and Badshahi Mosque Lahore.
Mazar of Allama Iqbal is highlighted on Google Maps below for our international readers.


Allama Iqbal Mazaar Google Map

Allama Iqbal Mazaar Google Map



Iqbal’s biographies writers suggest that British India government offered to pay expenses for construction of mazar, yet Allama Iqbal’s admirers collected such funds themselves. Allama Iqbal was revered by Muslims statesmen across the world including Afghanistan who also donated. Due to security reason, public entry to the mazar is now restricted, hence some photos are shared of my visit in 2014.





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