Saeein: Junoon’s iconic song that change Sufi Rock forever!

Sayonee: Junoon’s iconic song that change Sufi Rock forever!

Saeen [or Saeein] is one track that is considered the epitome of Sufi Rock. Although the Sufi rock genre is somewhat loose in its definition and can even apply to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Dam Mast Album that featured guitars, bass and percussions for the first time in modern Qawwali, it was Junoon that came up with actual rock band line-up and was truly the first Sufi Rock Band ever.


Junoon Inqilaab Album

Junoon Inqilaab Album Cover


Junoon’s first album was mainly love songs and second album Talaash was their step towards social change, revolution and similar tones. Neither indicated ay Sufi influences, but it was Inquilaab which featured their first major Sufi rock track, Saeen.

Saeen was a truly a game changer, with its video aired on PTV, it was an instant sensation of talk of the town. Salman Ahmed’s guitar riff were out of the world, Ali Azmat’s voice was immaculate, backed by a catchy bassline by Brian. With Ali Azmat’s chanting ‘Allaaah’, followed by Salman’s exceptional guitar solo, it immediately created a new word in music genres, Sufi rock.

Watch the original video aired on PTV to relive the Saeen experience.

Also Download Saeen by Junoon in MP3.







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