Badnaam sings Deh Khudaya – An Anti-Feudal poem by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Badnaam: Junoon Reborn

Badnaam: Junoon Reborn


‘Deh Khudaya’ is a poem by Allama Iqbal that hints at his stance against feaudalism and capitalism.

Allama in his several poems vocally speak against feaudalism and western style of democracy as he praised some aspects of socialism.

The poem criticizes feudal landlords saying it’s not them that raises seed from the soil, moves the winds, and convert water to cloud.

It is a rebel piece of work that challenges the feudals of India and Pakistan stating that ultimate owner of land is Allah, whose being is eternal. It is His order that wind blows and rains drenches the soils for benefit of mankind, not the order of Feudal.

Such poem is perfect lyrics for a rebel rock band, which is rarity in Pakistan, until Badnaam arrived at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

The huglely talented trio of bassists Lala Ahsen, drummer Rahim Shahbaz and their frontman guitarits and vocakist Ahmed Jilani blew away the judges and audiences with a track, which was the most original in the competition.

Allama Iqbal meets Nirvana is best way to describe a band which is hailed by critics as the greatest Pakistani Rock band since Junoon.

Download sufi rock songs by Badnaam here.




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