The Art of Naat Rasool e Maqbool SAW

 masjid-e-nabwi interior

masjid-e-nabwi interior

Naat verses (Naatiya Kalam) is regarded as a form of Islamic art and expression, and Naat Khawaani is an established genre in vocal performance that goes back many centuries.

Hassan ibn Thabit from Medina Munawara is considered as the first Naat Poet, who wrote beautiful verses in glory of Prophet SAW.

Prophet SAW had high regard for Hassan ibn Thabit RA and provided him opportunity to recite them on Minber of his Mosque.

An example of his verses are:

Muhammad is a human being but not like other human beings.

Rather he is a flawless diamond, when the rest of mankind is just ordinary stones.


Another beautiful Naat Sharif is:


hassaan bin saabit

hassaan bin saabit


As Islam spread to different geographical lands, the art of Naat writing and reciting evolved into different styles, but with the same objective, which is to praise the Prophet Muhammad SAW and express his amazing attributes.

Whether it is beautiful choir from Albania or Arabic verse, or Urdu solo performance or Turkish Whirling Ensemble that begins with Hamd and Naat, Naat Khawani regardless of its forms, languages and way of expression remain true in its devotion and love for Prophet Muhammad SAW. carefully collected pieces of Naat across the world and complied best of the best. Download our revised best Naat Sharif ever in MP3 format.



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