Darvesh’s new Sufi Rock single: Khuda Jaanay

darvesh band

darvesh band


Darvesh band rose to recognition with their Sufi Qawwali and Sufi Rock live performances at Pepsi Battle of the Bands. With a huge line up of 10 people, their sound was a diverse blend of Rock, Qawwali, Grunge supported by some very well written Sufiana and Arfana Kalam.

Khuda Janey is their latest single, which was released as a clip from their live performance. The track is based and inspired from lyrics penned by Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi.


Justajoo aur arzoo hai Ishq ki ibtidaa

Too miley ya na miley, main Tera hone chala

Searching and hearing is the beginning of true love

Whether I found you or not, I am on path of being yours.


Khuda Jane kahan , Ishq ki duniya kahaan tak hai

Nahin maloom meray Dil ki Virani Kahan Tak hai

Zameen Se aasmaan tak ik sanaatey ka aalim hai


Only God knows, where is the limit for world of love

Who knows how deep is the solitude of my heart

Perhaps from earth to skies , and from skies to infinity.


There is haunting feel to the song as it moves into mekancholia followed by trance and head banging

The line up of Darvesh vocalists comprises of Saad Ali Khan, Junaid Khan, Shahjahan Haider Khan and Samson Saleem, who bring a diverse range of voices to this song, each having a distinct part which held very well altogether.

Listen to Khuda Janey by Darvesh below. 






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