Greatest Poems of Bulleh Shah (Punjabi with English Translation)

Selected Poems Of Baba Bulleh Shah (Punjabi Text with English Translations)

I was able to obtain a few books on Baba Bulleh Shah poetry. Unfortunately, the translation by R. A. Nicholson, according to my opinion, sometimes distorts the meaning in an effort to rhyme the verses. At the same time, I do acknowledge that the translation of Bulleh Shah’s Punjabi is no ordinary feat. For instance, take the poem ‘Sab Ikko Rung Kapaa Da Hai’. It literally means that all the cotton forms i.e. thread, cotton-balls have the same colour. However, the essence reflects more on the reflection of God in every form and being. The actual language of the verse in Punjabi when translated in English loses beauty of the message.



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Unfortunately, Punjabi literature such as Baba Bulleh Shah, Heer Waris Shah and Sultan Bahoo is becoming endangered as fewer and fewer people read and understand the language anymore. I could not find any authentic English translation of Baba Bulleh Shah so I’ve included Prof. Nicholson translation as it is since it is still a commendable endeavour. If someone can suggest a better translation by any other academic, I will be very happy to publish it with compliments.


Selected Baba Bulleh Shah Poetry with English Translation by Prof Nicholson
















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