The Man more generous than Hatim Tai – Story from Saadi’s Gulistan

When it comes to generosity, even after centuries, Hatim Tai is known and praised even today.Once someone asked him whether he has seen anyone more generous than he is. Hatim narrated a story that once he arrange to a feast for the entire city and people all over came to his palace. There was no cooking stove that was lit that day.

Incidentally he had to travel for some work the same day and saw an old woodcutter in his way.

“Have you not heard that Hatim had a feast for all today? “, Hatim asked.

“Indeed”, he replied. “But when God has given me hands to feed my mouth, why should I ask Hatim for a favour. ”

“Justice is that person is more generous than I am.”, exclaimed Hatim.

– From Shaykh Saadi’s Gulistan

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