Hadith on Khushoo i.e. Focus and Humility in Namaz

Hadith on Khushoo [Focus and Humility] in Namaz

“There comes a time when I am with my Creator where there is no room for a messenger or a angel”


hadith on khushoo



According to Fihi Ma Fihi [In it what is in] book by Maulana Rumi, it is not adequate to do prayer by lips.

The objective of Shahadah [testimony of Allah] is that the heart also states the testimony. This is a state of ecstasy in worship and devotion, during which all other factor like worldly distractions and other parties are removed including messengers and angels, as explained in the beautiful hadith above.

There is a event where Hazrat Abu Bakr, the first caliph and closest of Prophet’s companions knocked at Prophet SAW’s door and Prophet asked who is is. Abu Bakr replied, it is him.

However, Prophet replied with “Abu Bakr who”?

Hazrat Abu Bakr was surprised but went back. Later he enquired with Prophet regarding this event and Prophet SAW that he was in such state where besides Allah and him, there is no room for anyone or anything. This was the epitome of Khushoo.





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