Hazrat Ali R.A. in words of Hazrat Ali Hajvery

Hazrat Ali R.A. in words of Hazrat Ali Hajvery


“Hazrat Ali’s rank in this Path of Sufism were very high. He explained the principles (asul) of Divine truth with exceeding subtlety, so that so that Hazrat Junayd Baghdadi said: “Ali is our Shaykh as regards the principles and as regards the endurance of affliction. This means that in the theory and practice of Sufism; for Sufis call the theory of this Path “principles” (asul), and its practice consists entirely in the endurance of affliction.


It is related that some one begged ‘Ali to give him a advice (wasiyyat). ‘Ali replied: “Do not let your wife and children be your chief cares; for if they be friends of God, God will look after His friends, and if they are enemies of God, why should you take care of God’s enemies?”


This question is connected with the severance of the heart from all things save God, who keeps His servants in whatever state He will.


zulfikar - sword of hazrat ali


Thus Moses left the daughter of Hazrat Shoaib in a miserable plight and committed her to God; and Abraham took Hagar and Ishmael and brought them to a barren valley and committed them to God. Both these prophets, instead of making wife and child their chief care, fixed their hearts on God” (ghana al-qalb billah).


The heart that is so enriched is not made poor by having no worldly goods nor glad by having them. This subject really turns on the theory regarding poverty and purity, which has been already discussed.


‘Ali is a model for the Sufis in respect to the truths of outward expressions and the subtleties of inward meanings, the stripping one’s self of all property either of this world or of the next, and consideration of the Divine providence.


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