Khushoo in Prayers: Sufi Stories from Kashf al-Mahjub

Khushoo (خشوع) in Prayers: Sufi Stories from Kashf al-Mahjub


Khushoo (خشوع) is an arabic word which loosely translates as attentiveness and submissiveness and that one disconnects from everything else.

In Quran and Hadith, the word Khushoo refers to devotedness in all prayers, especially Salah [Namaz] so one is totally disconnects from the worldly affairs and devotes all attention and focus to Allah SWT.

Hazrat Ali Hujvairi in his Kashf al-Mahjub book narrate below story:


Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubaruk states that “In my childhood, I recall seeing a female Sufi who was bitten by a scorpion in forty places while she was in Salah. Despite the pain, there was no change of expression on her face”.

After she completed her prayers,  I asked her why she did not threw away the scorpion away from her rather than going through the pain.

She replied: ‘O’ boy who is ignorant of the secrets of marfata! Do you think it is apprpriae that while I am engaged in Allah’s business, I should deviate from that to my own?”


Ali-Hujwiri-Data-Ganj-Bakhsh - Markaz-e-Tajaliyaat

Ali-Hujwiri-Data-Ganj-Bakhsh – Markaz-e-Tajaliyaat



Another simoliar story is related to Hazrat Abu Al-Khayr Aqta who developed the disease of gangrene in his foot and there was no blood flow there.  The hakims declared that his foot must be amputated, else the disease will spread leading to his death. However, Hazrat Abu Al-Khayr Aqta did not agree to this.

His disciples suggested that they should remove the feet while he is in Salah, as at that time he is unconscious of the world”

The physicians followed this advice and when Abu ‘l-Khayr finished his prayers, he realized that his foot had been amputated without he even knowing that. Such is considered the height of Khushoo (خشوع) in Prayers.


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