Jayega Jab Yahan Se – A heart touching song by Muhammad Rafi

Jayega Jab Yahan Se – A heart touching song by Muhammad Rafi


‘Jayega Jab Yahan Se’ is a soulful kalam with Sufi nuance performed by the legendary playback singer Muhammad Rafi, which was OST of the movie “Moti Mahal.”.


It is a verse that is expressing the idea of detachment from the worldly attachments and the eventual departure from this world.


Rafi Sahab was a resident of Bhatti Gate, Lahore,  and his family had a barber’s shop. His customers praised his voice and he migrated to Bombay in 1944 to try his luck in singing. The rest as they say is history!


Due to diplomatic tensions and wars between India and Pakistan, it took Rafi sahib many decades to visit his ancestral home in Lahore. He recited his beautiful kalam at Bhatti gate surrounded by hundreds of admirers and they say that everyone had tears in their eyes.


Set against the backdrop of the film’s narrative, “Jayega Jab Yahan Se – by Muhammad Rafi” reflects the transitory nature of life and the spiritual journey of the individual. The lyrics, penned with poetic finesse, evoke a sense of introspection and an awareness of the impermanence of material existence. The song’s gentle melody and Rafi’s emotive rendition combine to create a heartfelt musical expression of devotion and longing.




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As Rafi’s voice resonates with emotion, “Jayega Jab Yahan Se” serves as a contemplative piece that encourages listeners to reflect on the deeper meanings of life and their connection to the divine.


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