Mai Bhagi: Sindh’s amazing Sufi and Folk Voice

mai bhagi


Mai Bhagi [مائی بھاگی], along with Reshma and Pathanay Khan, is considered as one of the most natural folk voices from  Pakistan. Living a poor nomad’s life in Thar Desert in Sindh, she became popular for her Kharee Neem Kay Neechey (beneath a neem tree) songAlthought she earned Pakistan’s greatest award for arts, the Pride of Performance. she died in oblivion. brings some rare and best Sindhi songs of Mai Bhagi to download in MP3 below:


 Khari Neem Ke Neche Sufiana Kalam (4:09)

 Sindhi Folk Song (4:29)

 Lorh Manjhan Lurhandi Ache (4:16)

 Jeejal Muhinji Kismat (4:20)

 Bhit Ja Bhittai [Tribute To Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai] (4:27)

 Chirimiro Bilal San Pyar – Mai Bhagi and Murad Faqeer




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