Maut Na Ayee, Teri Yaad Sitaai, Lambi Judai: Reshma’s legendary track

Reshma Folk Singer

Reshma: Legendary Folk Singer of Pakistan


Maut Na Ayee, Teri Yaad Sitaai, Lambi Judai
Char Dinna Da Pyaar Ho Rabba
Phir Lambi Judaai

موت نہ یے تیری یاد ستائ
لمبی جدائی ، چار دنا د پیار ہو ربا
لمبی جدائی


Reshma was from a Khanabadosh [nomad] tribe and was discovered by a Pakistan TV producer who recorded her song Lambi Judai at PTV.

Reshma had a distinct nomad voice and had amazing natural echo which gave her songs a natural melancholy.

Lambi Judai became an instant hit in late 1970s and Reshma became an overnight star. Reshma as a person was truly authentic, without any pomp and show, which endeared her to millions across Pakistan and India.

In her interview with Naeem Bokhari long ago, she mentioned travelling many miles in Southern Punjab and living a nomadic life. Despite her stardom, she kept her life simple and that made her even more loveable.

In 1980s, Subhaash Gai, a famous producer in India, invited her to visit India and record a remix of Lambi Judai, which featured in movie Hero. This remix version also became instant hit in India, and Reshma became a celebrity in India also.


Download the original Lambi Judai by Reshma recorded live by PTV MP3 format




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