Muhammad is the preface to the Book of the Universe: Dr. Allama Iqbal

Muhammad is the preface to the book of the universe: Farsi Kalam-e-Iqbal from Israr-e-Khudi with Translation


خاک يثرب از دو عالم خوشتر است

اي خنک شهري که آنجا دلبر است

کشته ي انداز ملا جاميم

نظم و نثر او علاج خاميم

شعر لب ريز معاني گفته است

در ثناي خواجه گوهر سفته است

نسخه ي کونين را ديباچه اوست

جمله عالم بندگان و خواجه اوست 

کيفيت ها خيزد از صهباي عشق

هست هم تقليد از اسماي عشق

کامل بسطام در تقليد فرد

اجتناب از خوردن خربوزه کرد

عاشقي؟ محکم شو از تقليد يار

تا کمند تو شود يزدان شکار

اندکي اندر حراي دل نشين

ترک خود کن سوي حق هجرت گزين

محکم از حق شو سوي خود گامزن

لات و عزاي هوس را سر شکن

لشکري پيدا کن از سلطان عشق

جلوه گر شو بر سر فاران عشق

تا خداي کعبه بنوازد تو را

شرح اني جاعل سازد ترا


The soil of Yasrab [old name of Medina Munawara] is better than both worlds

How blessed is that city where my Beloved SAW lives

Like Hakim Jami, I am annihilated in love of Prophet

Jami’s verses and prose in glory of Prophet are treatment of my anxiety


Muhammad is the preface to the book of the universe [Allama Iqbal borrowed this verse from Maulana Jami’s masnavi Salaman val Absal]

All people of the worlds are slaves and Prophet is the Master

The wine of true Ishq produces what amazing joy and exhilaration

To follow and devotion are also names of Ishq


Hazrat Bistami was the complete example of devotion to Prophet [mard-e-kamil]

He avoided eating melon all his life, because hadith doesn’t mention how Prophet ate melon all his life

Are you a lover? Then follow Prophet SAW bindly and be steadfast on it

So that your snare traps the Divine blessing [i.e. your love takes your to divine favours]


So sit and meditate a little in the Ghira (cave) of your heart

Forget yourself, and migrate to the Haq [truth]

With divine power of Haqq, and stick to the path of Truth

Destroy the heads of false idols Laat and Minaat of greed and selfishness


With strength of Ishq, create an army

So you can conquer the highest peak of Ishq, and sit there gloriously

The Lord of Kaaba Allah will give your blessing

to becomes the real meaning of being his true deputy on His earth



Rabi-ul-Awal is among the holiest of Islamic months, revered by millions of Muslims across the world, as it celebrate birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW, who was sent as the mercy for all worlds. These verse from Dr. Allama Iqbal’s Israr-e-Khudi shows what a true Aashiq-e-Rasool he was and always propagated following Prophet Muhammad SAW. These verses also mention with great reverence two great followers of Prophet i.e. Hazrat Hakim Jami and Hazrat Bayazid Bistami and their love and affection for Prophet Muhammad SAW.


allama-iqbal-portrait team wishes all a blessed Rabi ul Awal [Month of Prophet SAW birth]. Download our updated Best Naats Collection [55 tracks MP3].



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