Why you cannot find God with Intelligence? Story of Hazrat Sulaiman and Bilqis

The gift of Queen Bilqis to Hazrat Sulaiman was forty mules, loaded with bricks of gold.
When that envoy reached the lands belonging to Hazrat Sulaiman, they saw that even his carpet was entirely made of solid gold!
The envoy rode on gold for forty stages, until gold had lost its value to them.
The envoy said said, “Let us take the gold back to Bilqis’s treasury: what a useless quest we are pursuing!
A vast land of which the soil is pure gold – to bring gold there as a gift is foolish.”
O’ seeker of truth, if you who have brought intelligence to God as a gift
Such intelligence is less valuable than the dust of the road.


Excerpt from Maulana Rumi’s Masnavi Volume 4, Verse 563 – 568

Based on Englsh translation by our dear brother Wazir Dayers, with our compliments and graitiude. 


Story of Hazrat Sulaiman and Bilqis


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