One of the meanings of death is that it manifests the Truth – From Rumi’s Masnavi

One of the meanings of death is that it manifests the Truth – From Rumi’s Masnavi


Moses said, “O Lord of the Reckoning, You created the form: how did You destroy it again?

You have made the form, male and female, that gives joy to the spirit; and then You destroy it: why?”

God said, “I know that this question of yours does not stem from disbelief, heedlessness and idle fancy;

Otherwise I would have corrected and chastised you: I would have afflicted you because of this question.


But I know that you wish to discover in My actions the wisdom and hidden meaning of the continuity of existence

That you may make the lowly familiar with them and in doing so make every raw (ignorant) person to become cooked

Then God spoke to him, saying, “O you who possess the most excellent understanding, since you have asked the question, come, hear the answer.

O Moses, sow some seed in the earth, that you yourself may find the answer to this question.”


When Moses had sown and the grain seed was fully grown and its ears had become beautiful and symmetrical;

He took the sickle and was cutting the crop, when a voice from the Unseen reached his ear,

Crying, “Why do you sow and tend grain seed and cut it when it has become perfect?”

He replied, “O Lord, I destroy and lay it low because straw is here and also grain.


The grain is not suitable to be stored in the straw-barn; likewise, the straw is unfit for putting in the grain barn.

It is not wise to mix these two: wisdom makes it necessary to separate them while winnowing.

God said, “From whom did you gain this knowledge, which enabled you to construct a threshing floor?”

He replied, “You, o God, gave me discernment.” God said, “Then how should I not have discernment?”


Amongst the created beings are pure spirits; there are also dark and muddy spirits.

These shells are not the same: in one of them is the pearl and in another the worthless bead.

It is necessary to make manifest the difference between this good and evil, just as it is necessary to distinguish the wheat from the straw.

The creation of these creatures of the world is for the purpose of manifestation, in order that the treasure of Divine providences may not remain hidden.


mevlana rumi allama iqbal



Translation based on work of our dear friend Wazir Dayers, with permission and our compliments. 



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