Parh Parh Aalim Faazil Hoya, Kadee Apne Aap Noo Parheyaa Ee Nai – Kalam Bulleh Shah


baba bulleh shahs shrine

Parh Parh Aalim Faazil Hoya
Kadee Apne Aap Noo Parheyaa Ee Nai
Ja Ja Warda Mandar Maseetan
Kadee Mann Apne Wich Warryya Ee Nai
Aiwaiyn Roz Shaytaan Naal Lardaan
Kadee Nafs Apne Naal Larrya Ee Nai
Bulleh Shah Aasmani Udheeyan Pharda
Jeyra Ghar Baithaa Ohnoo Pharyaa Ee Nai
English Translation
You have learned all to become a scholar
Yet you still haven’t discovered yourself
You rush into Masjid and Mandars all the time
But you haven’t entered your heart yet
You fight with Satan all the time?
Yet you never fight with your own ego
Bulleh Shah, you go after what is in heavens and skies
Yet you don’t strive to discover who lives on your heart.



Among the greatest literary giants of South Asia, Bulleh Shah has a unique position, which he has been holding for a centuries now. Bulleh Shah preached of humanity and spoke against caste and segregations in society. And not only he preached, but his actions manifested his beliefs too as seen in out earlier story of Bulleh Shah and Shah Inayat.


These beautiful verses have been sung by many artists across India and Pakistan. Download Kaafian Bulleh Shah by Abida Parveen.





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