Bhikha Baat Adham Ki – Kalam of Meeran Ji Bheek sung by Abida Parveen

Bhikha Baat Adham Ki
Kahan Sunan Ki Nahi
Jo Jane So Kahe Nahi
Jo Kahe So Jane Nahi!

English Translation

O’ Bhika, this is a conversation of (divine) secrets
It’s not a conversation to say or listen
Since who knows divine secrets can’t speak
And those who speak don’t actually know the secret!

“Bheeka” is the Pen name of a Sufi Poet Hazrat Meeran Jii usually carried “Meeran Ji Bheek”, bheek (begger’s gratuity) being his takhalus (poet’s psydonym). Adham means secret, which in this case means the divine secret between God and Man.

These beautiful verses reflect the same message of by many other Sufis that when the divine truth is revealed the lips are sealed so the secret remains between beloved and lover.

Hazrat Meeran Ji belonged to the Sabri Silsila [order] of Sufism and gain popularity for his Punjab Sufi Kalam.

This beautiful Kalam was sung and explained by Abida Parveen in her recent concert in London, which can be downloaded below in his evergreen song Chaap Tilak.

Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni (Kalam Amir Khusro) – Abida Parveen


Abida Parveen Concert in US

Abida Parveen Concert




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