Raga Yaman Kalyan (aka “Aiman Kalyan”) by Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Aaj Rang Hai - Hazrat Amir Khusrow

Hazrat Amir Khusrow with Nizamuddin Awliya

Begum Abida Parveen was apprentice of Hindustani classical music under Ustad Salamat Ali Khan Sahib (1934-2001), one of the greatest singers of Hindustani classical music of the 20th century.

Raga Yaman Kalyan (also known as “Aiman Kalyan”) is a creation of Hazrat Amir Khusrau (1253 – 1325), who raised Indian Sufi Music to a new level. Hazrat Amir Khusrow is attributed with the most important classical figure from South Asian Sufi & Mystic music, since he endorsed Sufi music that brings one closer to his Creator.

Hazrat Amir Khusrow is revered in South Asian artists in particular, since besides a Sufi saint, he was also a musical genius who invented percussion instruments such as Tabla. Like Raag Yaman Kalyan, he also worked on music arrangements and bandashain, and left a strong influence on how Hindustani music, Qawwali, Khayal, and Ghazals are composed today.

Raga Yaman Kalyan has been sung by many great classical artists. Below is our favorite version In the voice of Sufi Queen.


  Raga Aiman Kalyan [Yaman Kalyan] Kalam Amir Khusro – Abida Parveen (8:52)



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