Rangat Aisi Charhi Rang Tumhara Le Kar: Beautiful Kalam performed by Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen

Rangat Aisi Charhi Rang Tumhara Le Kar 
Kaya Se Kaya Hi Gaye hum Naam Tumhara Le Ke 
Mahi Yar Di Gharoli Bhardi

Ik Allah Kolon Mein Dardi


I have take a strange appearance after dyeing myself in your colour, O’Beloved
See what I have become in your love, O’Beloved
I fill this pot with love for my Master
I only fear One Allah.

Mahi Yar Di Gharoli is one of those tracks who popularity have increased with time. It is a timeless classic which is part of every concert by Abida Parveen, a living legend.

Download this amazing track Mahi Yaar Di Gharli Live in Concert by Abida Begum a few years ago, which manifests her excetinal and powerful vocal range.

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