Abida Parveen: Queen of Sufi Music reigning for 3 decades

Abida Parveen at Alchemy Festival London

Abida Parveen at Alchemy Festival London


Maula e Kull, Karde Ga Jo Ik Nazar
Band Raste Sab Jayein Ge Khul


Abida Parveen came into the world of Sufi Music as exception since such genre was dominated mainly by Qawwals. Her rendition of Kalam Shah Hussain Ghoom Charkna Saeen Da was original and powerful and took raised the genre of Arfana Kalam to different level.Hailing from small city of Larkana, Abida Parveen was a true prodigy. She performed at Urs event at shrines in Sindh, before her major breakthrough at Pakistan Television (PTV).

Abida Parveen has been ruling the world of Sufi music for 3 decades now and remains undisputed Queen of Sufi Music, with constantly giving us amazing tracks and a voice that remains strong as ever.

Besides Sufi Music, she is equally classy at ghazal sing, in which she adds Sufiana undertones. Her ghazals such as u ,Yaad Ko Hum Ne Jabaja Dekha , Kal Chaudwein Ki Raat Thi are few excellent examples of Sufiana Ghazals.

Abida Parveen also have exceptional command over several languages such as Punjabi, Seraiki and Sindhi. Her Punjabi Sufiana Kalam of Baba Bulleh Shah such Ek Nukte Wich Gal Mukdi , Mere Bukul Vich Chor remains evergreen classics.

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