Saeen: A great Sufi-Rock track by Junoon





Naqsh Hai Tera Kayam Dayam
Naqsh Khayaali Hoon Main!
Tu Hi Raziq, Tu Hi Malik
Tera Sawaali, Ho Main
Zahir Har Ek Manzar Main Tu
Har Pus Manzar Main Tu
Masjid Main Tu Mandir Main Tu
Jeevan Saagar Main Tu
Saeen Tu Hi
Mera Sacha Saeen Tu Hai


Saeen was one of the earliest Sufi songs of Junoon as the band experimented with Sufi and Spiritual poetry, with Electric and Bass Guitars overEastern percussion instrument like Dholak and Tabla. The rest was history as it created a new genre in the world of music Sufi-Rock, which was admired by great bands such as U2 and Rolling Stones. Many bands such as Mekaal Hassan Band followed the footsteps of Junoon and Coke Studio is also heavily influenced by the genre.


Download Saeen or Saeein by Junoon in MP3 here.



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