‘Mein’ by Meesha Shafi: A gorgeously choreographed track about finding Self

Sufism is the search for Self (Khudi) and unleashing it. And Humans have been searching for it since their advent.

Sufi Music has influenced mainstream music and poetry of India and Pakistan heavily and it’s very common to find mystical poetry in modern rock music as well as Indian Bollywood cinema.

Pepsi Battle of Bands has been instrumental in reviving the band music in Pakistan and it is heartwarming to see fresh bands like Badnaam who blend message of Sufism in their rock and grunge genre.

In the recent season 3 of the show, it was amazing to see bands such as Dhool and finalist Xarb, performing some strong Sufi tracks. Qamar aka Saeen Ghungaroo is probably the best Qawwal voice we have among modern bands.

Among female rockstars, the immensely talented Queen Bee of Pakistani Music Industry Meesha Shafi showed her exceptional versatility in Mein, her original new track, after tracks such as Speaker Phaar and Koi Sarda Hai Te Sarray. 

Meesha has performed Sufi tracks such as Jugni with Alam Lohar and Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla with Chakwal Brother, but this a truly mindblowing and novel track which was penned by Meesha herself.


Meesha Shafi Mein

Mein by Meesha Shafi: A Melancholic Masterpiece


Mein by Meesha Shafi has strong Sufi nuances in its lyrics, a song about searching Self.


Mein – Urdu Lyrics

Dil sang-o-khisht.
Pighlay to iss, Gardish-e-ishq Se..
Gun lakhon lakhon gaoon teray
Sadke mein jaoon jaoon teray
Sambhlay dil to bataoon tujhey mein..
Raz saray mein sunaoo tujhey
Qous-e-qazah dikhaoon mujhey
Na chor tanha jaoon kahan mein…
Raasta hoon
Har jaga hoon
La pataa hoon
Bakhabar hoon
Har Amal hoon
Aaj aur kal hoon
Ghull ke yahaan,
Ban jaye aaj Hawaaa…
Gun lakhon lakhon gaoon teray
Sadkay mein jaoon jaoon teray
Sambhlay dil to bataoon tujhey mein.

English Translation

My heart, hardened like stone and bricks
When it will melt with whirling of love?
I will sing praises for you my ‘Self’
Devote my life to you
Once my heart upholds itself
I will reveal all my secrets to you
Will show you rainbows
My Self, don’t leave me alone
I am the path
I am everywhere
I am lost
I am aware of all
I am every action
I am Present and the Future
The pain of yearning for beloved
May dissolve and become air
I will sing praises for you my ‘Self’
Devote my life to you
Once my heart upholds itself


Beautiful in its lyrics and very delicate in its arrangement, it is a total u-turn for a powerhouse vocalist like Meesha, and a strong testament to her throne as being the numero uno female rock star of Pakistan.

Watch this amazingly choreographed track Mein by Meesha Shafi on YouTube.




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