Shaykh Nazim on Shaykh Sheikh Mehmet Adil

Views of Khaldoun Hamadé , a follower of Shaykh Nazim on Sheikh Mehmet Adil


“Truly I do believe that Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet is the greatest living saint of our time and I am very lucky and happy to have the chance of knowing him for more than twenty five years.

I was a murid to his great father, the pole of our time, the late mawlana Sheikh Mohammad Nazim al Haqqani kaddas (Allah sirrahou) and I did not have any hope to meet a great Shaykh after him.

Around the year 2000 in Lefke around a summer dinner table on the patio at the house of Shaykh Nazim he said “My son Mehmet is higher in spirituality than me”.

I answered “It is impossible, Mawlana, to have on earth some one of higher spirituality than you”.

He said “I am speaking sincerely”.

I replied “In that case permit me to be the first one to make the pact of adhesion with him as your successor” and he agreed with a shining smile on his face similar to other ten guests around the table.

So I consider my weak self as the first murid of Shaykh.

Mehmet on earth and from that time I am discovering the good judgement of Shaykh Nazim.

I kept observing Sheikh Mehmet for many years and discovered a lovely and beautiful soul, very high in spirituality and very clean.

He is extremely simple, modest and humble, takes firm positions on ethical issues with no concessions and he is really at the service of Allah, Islam, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Tarikah Naqshbandia and all humanity.

I feel honored to know him and to love him alongside his late father and to able to serve Islam under his leadership.

Alhamdoulillah Alhamdoulillah, Alhamdoulillah

Khaldoun Hamadé


shaykh mehmet adil

shaykh mehmet adil

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