Sheikh Chilli who couldn’t find himself: Sufi Humour

Sheikh Chilli who couldn’t find himself: Sufi Humour

Sheikh Chilli had 4 properties which a shared veranda hence were annexed together.

Once he climbed the roof of one of his properties to do some repair work. He was able to see his other 3 properties however the 4th property on who’s roof he was standing was not visible obviously.

He became worried how come one of his properties had gone ‘invisible’.

He started thinking that since he didn’t choose the 4th property for repairs first that’s why the property has become upset with him and gone invisible.

Hence, Sheikh Chilli came down the roof of the property and started asking everybody in the street either he has seen his 4th property

When people listened to his story they start smiling but played a game on him saying that you keep following that way and your property might be on that site.

He kept running around the street but obviously could not find anything

After hours of futile efforts, he went to a mosque nearby to take some rest. There was some qalandars staying in the mosque, who listens to his story and were amused too.

When Sheikh Chilli went to sleep, they decided to play a trick on him and shaved his beard and moustaches.

When Sheikh woke up, he went to the fountain to freshen up and was astonished by his reflection.

Sheikh Chilli thought perhaps he has gone missing, and the reflection is of some stranger.

Now he left the quest for his house, and started looking for a quest for ‘himself’.

Sheikh Chilli asked many people and explored all his house, but could never found his ‘Self’.



Story of Sheikh Chilli - Sufi Humour 1


Story of Sheikh Chilli - Sufi Humour 2


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