The Saint who hid his wisdom from people

The Saint who hid his wisdom from people: Story by Maulana Rumi

“I see someone of intelligence to help me some advice”, a certain person asked his friend.

“In our city, there is none with intelligence, except a person who pretends to be mad”, replied his friend. “He keeps riding on a cane stick, just like he is riding a horse. His madness hides him, as he decides not to reveal his wisdom”

The person went to this wiseman and observed him running around on a cane stick, pretending he is riding a horse.

“O’ father who has become like a child, tell me a secret”, he requested the saint.

“Go away from this door as it is not open!”, the Saint answered. “Today is not a day for secrets to be revealed!”

“O’ you who is mounted on a cane, ride your horse to me for once”, the seeker requested.

The wiseman rode his can towards and explained, “Be quick, for my horse is fast and fierce and might kick you!”

“O’ king with such intelligence and wisdom. Why such appearance of a madman? You are the sun, how come to choose to hide in craziness?! ”

“These rascals in the city proposed me to become Qazi [Judge] of their city as they said that no one is more learned in this city”

“My intelligence is hidden treasure and I am the ruin who is hiding it. If I show them them the treasure, will I not be truly mad”

“I sacrifice my intellect in presence of Prophet Muhammad SAW. I simply say hasbiya’Llah – Allah is sufficient for me”

Sacrifice your intellect in love of your Friend [Allah] as all intellect comes where He is

I exchanged intellect for bewilderment in Divine love. I have no consciousness even of myself. In my heart, there is no room for anything, except God”



mevlana rumi


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