Story of Old Priest and his Beard

Story of Old Priest and his Beard: From Maulana Rumi’s Masnavi

An ascetic asked an old priest, “Respected Sir, who is the older one, You or your beard?”

He replied, ‘I was born before it! I have seen much of the world without my beard.”

The gnostic said, “Your beard has turned white, it has changed its ways, but your inherent evil has not become good.”

Your beard was born after you but it has outperfomed you: you are so dry, vain and useless, because of your passion for tharid food

You still have the same façade with which you were born: you have not taken one step forward.

Like the people of Moses in the heat of the desert, you have remained forty years in the same place

Everyday you march till nightfall yet find yourself still in the first level of your journey.

The roots of bad habits are set and little power to tear them up


Download Rumi’s Masnavi in PDF. Also The Heart of Hearts of Rumi’s Masnavi – By Wazir Dayers


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