Story of Sultan Mahmood and the boy he made his Vizir

Story of Sultan Mahmood and the boy he made his Vizir

Mahood Ghazi, the great king was doing a war campaign in India. He succeeded and in his war booty, there was a boy who was brought into the presence of the sovereign.

Mahmood admired him and made him his vicegerent, seated him on the throne and preferred him above the rest of the army and called him son.

The boy upon getting such royal treatment from the king cried and had tears in eyes.

The Sultan asked him, “O’ you whose fortune is success, why should you cry? You are above kings, you are in the companionship of the Emperor. You are seated on king’s throne, while the viziers and soldiers stand in rows before your throne, like the stars and the moon”.


The boy replied, “The cause of my bitter crying is that in that faraway city and country my mother was always threatening me with you, saying, “May I see you in the hands of the lion, Maḥmud!

Then my father would quarrel with my mother saying, “What anger and suffering you are asking upon him!? Can you not find any lighter curse?”

I used to be upset by the talk and pain would come into my heart,

Thinking, “ What a hellish person King Mahmud is, since the agony and affliction he causes have become a proverb!”

I used to shiver with your fear, ignorant of your graciousness and high respect.

Where is my mother, that she might see me now seated on the throne, o King of the world?”


Spiritual poverty is your Mahmood, O’ man without wealth. Your sensual nature is always making you afraid of [spiritual poverty] .

If you come to know the mercifulness of this noble Maḥmood, you will cry joyously, “May the end be praised”!

Poverty is your Maḥmood, O’ faint hearted one. Do not listen to this mother, namely, your misguiding nafs [nature].



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