Tariqa Lineage [Silsila Tariqat] of Daata Sahib Hazrat Ali Hajvairi

Hazrat Ali Hajvairi also known as Data Sahib Lahore was a descendant of Hazrat Ali R.A. , hence lineage tracing several noble Syeds. His first name Usman also show the reverence of a true Syed towards 3rd Caliph of Islam, in contrary to some stories that circulate today demeaning the great stature of Hazrat Usman R.A.

On shrine of Data Sahib is engraved this beautiful verse stating “Abu Bakr is like the Kaaba, Hazrat Umar is the door/beginning to Tawaaf, Usman is Zamzam water and Ali is like Haj ritual”.

Each of these are part of pilgrimage and without any of these, the visit to Makkah remains incomplete. It is symbolic verse empahsizng the importance of each of the four great companions of Prophet SAW. It shows the Hazrat Ali R.A’ belief in the 4 caliphs of Islam, each in unique way that remains a fundamental part of Islam.


Inscription from Shrine of Ali Hujwiri (Data Ganj Bakhsh)

Inscription from Shrine of Ali Hujwiri (Data Ganj Bakhsh)



The Silsila Tariqat [Lineage of Spirtual Chain] of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi is as below:

  • Hazrat Sayyid Ali Hujwiri, disciple of
  • Hazrat Abul Fazl Muhammad ibn al Hasan al-Khuttali , disciple of
  • Shaykh Abul Hasan Hisri, disciple of
  • Shaykh Abu Bakr Shibli, disciple of
  • Shaykh Junaid Baghdadi, disciple of
  • Shaykh Siri Saqti, disciple of
  • Shaykh Mahroof Karki, disciple of
  • Shaykh Dawood Ta’i, disciple of
  • Shaykh Habib Ajami, disciple of
  • Shaykh Hasan al-Basri, disciple of
  • Hazrat Ali (Karamullah wajhu)


May Allah be pleased with them all.




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