The Beloved seeks the Lover (for Unification / Visaal)

The Beloved seeks the Lover (for Unification / Visaal) – Masnavi 3.2.5


“We were yearning for unification with the Beloved, while the Beloved was yearning even more for unification with us.”
– Ḥafiz –


Do not say, “We have no access to that King” as dealings with the generous one are not hard

In reality, no lover seeks a union without his Loved one also seeking him

But the love of [worldly] lovers makes the body feeble like strong of bow, but the love of Beloved [God] makes its strong

When the lightning of love for the Beloved enters this heart, it know that there is love [of God] in that heart

When love for God has been doubled in your heart, it shows God has love for you.

No sound of clapping comes from one hand of yours without the other hand (clapping too)

The desire of loved ones is hidden and behind veils; the desire of the lover is glorious with hundred drums and trumpets

It is better to be slain and dead before you, o’Moon, than to be the king of the living in another place.

I have tested it a thousand times: I do not consider my life sweet without you

It is better to die in hope of union with You; the bitterness of separation from You is worse than fire.

He said, “O’ soul that has fled from suffering, We have opened the door to union with Us: Welcome!

O you whose selflessness and intoxication are caused by Our Self, o’ you whose being is constantly derived from Our Being,

Now, without saying it, I tell you the old mysteries again: listen!

At this moment open the ear of earlessness for the sake of hearing the mystery of God does, whatever He pleases




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