The Divine Triumph of Hazrat Jaafar Tayaar: Story from Masnavi

The Divine Triumph of Hazrat Jaafar Tayaar: Story from Masnavi

Hazrat Jafar al-Tayyar, was a companion of prophet Muhammad and elder older brother of Ali. Harzat Jafar was the third son of Hazrat Abu Talib, hence a cousin of Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

He was a fearless warrior, revered and feared by many. His unswerving devotion to Allah had earned him a reputation that extended far beyond the borders of his land.

One fateful day, news reached him of a heavily fortified castle that had been causing turmoil in the region. The castle was controlled by a tyrannical ruler, and his reign of terror had to be stopped.

Undeterred by the daunting odds, Hazrat Jaafar embarked on a journey to face the fortress alone. Armed with only his faith and an unwavering determination, he set out towards the towering walls that guarded the heart of the castle. The ruler and his men scoffed at the sight of a lone warrior challenging their might.

As Hazrat Jaafar approached the castle, he raised his hands to the sky and offered his prayers to Allah. His heart resonated with a sense of purpose and assurance, for he believed that he was not truly alone – the divine presence was with him. With each step, his confidence grew, and a tranquil courage enveloped him.

Unbeknownst to the ruler and his forces, a miraculous transformation was occurring within the walls of the castle. The ground beneath them quivered, and the foundations of their pride crumbled. Panic spread among the ruler’s men as they witnessed the very fortress they considered impervious trembling as if in the throes of an earthquake.


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Amidst the chaos, the wise wazir of the ruler stepped forward, his eyes filled with a mixture of awe and understanding. He addressed the ruler and his assembly, advising them to reconsider their stance. He spoke of Hazrat Jaafar’s unyielding faith and the divine intervention that was manifesting before their very eyes. The wazir urged them not to be deceived by the appearance of a solitary warrior, for it was evident that a higher Divine power was at play.

It became a story of faith triumphing over fear, of a lone soul with an unbreakable bond with the divine reshaping the course of history. The lesson that prevailed was clear: When one’s heart is attuned to the higher power, even the strongest fortresses of adversity tremble and yield.




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