The Man without Legs: Story from Saadi’s Gulistan

Story from Hazrat Shaykh Saadi’s Gulistan

Hazrat Saadi Shirazi travelled extensively before putting his short moral stories (Hikayaat) on paper in form of Gukistan (Poems) and Bostaan (Prose). During his travels, he faced many hardships and he narrates them beautifully in his stories. Saadi mentions that he always remained patient during hardships, but during one difficult journey, he arrived in a city bare-foot. With scorching heat and burning feet, a lament to God came on his lips over his present circumstances.
He hasn’t finished his complaint, when he saw a person on street without legs, who was dragging himself with his arms. Seeing this, Saadi offered his Astaghfar and Forgiveness to God, as it’s certainly better to be without shoes than legs.

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