How Allah created Light of Muhammad SAW?

How Allah created Light of Muhammad SAW? Narrated by Hajjah Aminah [Wife of Shaykh Nazim Haqqani]

One day Sher-e-Khuda Hazrat Ali Karam Allahu Wajhahu, Muhammad SAW’s beloved cousin and son-in-law asked, “Oh Prophet SAW, be both of my parents be ransom for your beloved grace, please tell me what the Lord Almighty created before all other creations?”

Prophet SAW replied,

“Verily, before Allah Subhana Taallah created any other being, He created from His own Light the light of your Prophet SAW , and that Light rested haitbu mashaAllah, where Allah willed it to rest. And at that time nothing else existed – not the Preserved Tablets [Loh], not the Pen [Qalam], not Heaven nor Hell, not the Angels, not the heavens nor the earth. There was no Sun, Moon, Stars, Jinns, Men or Angels — nothing was yet created, only the Light existed.


Surah Noor


Then Allah – glorified be His Being – by divine will he willed to create other beings. He therefore divided this Light into four parts. From the first part He created the Pen [Qalam], from the second the Tablets [Loh], from the third the Divine Throne.


Now it has become known that when the Lord had created the Tablets and the Pen, the Pen had on it one hundred nodes, the distance between two nodes was of two years travelling.


Allah SWT then commanded the Pen to write, and the Pen asked, “Oh mh Lord, what shall I write?” The Lord commanded, “Write: La ilaha ill llah  Muhammadar  Rasulullah”. Hearing this, the Pen exclaimed, “Oh, what a beautiful, great name is that of Muhammad that it is to mentioned in one with Your blessed Name, oh my Lord?”


Allah SWT then said, “Oh Pen, watch your manners! Muhammad SAW is the name of My Beloved, from his Light I have created the Throne and the Pen and the Tablets and also you. Had it not been for him, I would not have created a single being!’.


When Allah Almighty had spoken these words, the Pen split in two from grandeur of Allah SWT, and the place from which its speech issued became blocked, so that to this very day its nib remains split in two and clogged up, so it does not write, which is the sign of this great divine secret. Therefore, let no one fail in reverence of the Holy Prophet SAW, or become lax in following his Sunnah, his glorious example, or contradict the noble customs Prophet has taught us.


Hajjah Amina and Shakh Nazim Haqqani

Hajjah Amina and Shakh Nazim Haqqani



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