The ninth century Sufi shaykha and saint Fatima al-Nisaburiya R.A

Quote by 9th Century Sufi Shaykha and Saint Fatima al-Nisaburiya R.A



“When God ignores a person, he will wonder aimlessly in every city square and will prattle constantly with every tongue.
When God does not ignore a person, He silences him except for the truth and compels him to hold Him in reverence and sincerity.”


Fatima Nishapuri was a 9th century Sufi saint who was daughter of a affluent noble but abandoned her material pursuits to follow the Sufi path. Married to another noble sufi Hazrat Abu Hamid Ahmad bin Khadrawayh, the couple retreated to a simple and humble life. Fatima was revered by great Sufi masters such as Hazrat Bayazid Bastami and Hazrat Dhul-Nun al-Misri, who considered her a Sufi who has obtained many spiritual stations and had immense wisdom.



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