Verses by Pir Meher Ali Shah: One of the most beautiful tributes to Rasool-ul-Allah SAW

Kithe Meher Ali Kithay Teri Sana is a tribute to Prophet by Pir Meher Ali Shah, which is considered in the same league as the great Naat by Shaykh Saadi, the beautiful Balaghul Ula Bi Kamalihi It remains a timeless Kalam, which is straight from the heart which and an emotional tribute to Prophet SAW, his matchless beauty, and the emotions of a Ashiq-e-Rasool.

Below verses from this amazing Naat remain the climax and needs no introduction:


سبحان الله

All praise for Allah

ما اجملک

 There is none as beautiful as Prophet SAW

ما احسنک

There is none as glorious as you

ما اکملک

There is none as complete as you

آج سک متراں دی ودھیری اے
کیوں دلڑی اداس گھنیری اے
لوں لوں وچ شوق چنگیری اے
اج نیناں لائیاں کیوں جھڑیاں

Kithe Mehr Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa
Gustakh Akhi Kithey Ja Ariyaan

What worthless being of Pir Meher Ali, What glorious and elevated Being of Muhammad SAW
But see the courage of my naive eyes, they still glance as you, O beloved Prophet SAW



صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ


Kithe Meher Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa has been performed by legends such as Abida Parveen. Also Download Kithe Meher Ali Naat in voice of Atif Aslam. 

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