“The Rhythm of 2022”: Sufi Poem by Aadil Farook

“The Rhythm of 2022”: Sufi Poem by Aadil Farook


Will human nature ever change?
From devils to angels is its range
Can religion alone transform us?
Without spirituality in the nucleus
Does mere belief bring moral elevation?
If not accompanied by a firm conviction

It’s the cup of love that purifies humans
Eradicating the taint of inner demons
When you let love take control
There is a unity of body and soul
Love grants a fresh new start
Ends mind’s war with heart

Love has a higher reasoning
Way beyond logical thinking
When the grasp of rationality ceases
Our intuitive intelligence increases
Love has a lens that is so clean
Conceals that which makes us mean

Love has wings with a perpetual flight
Because it galvanizes our inner sight
Love is a domain with no boundaries
Its seeds always turn into trees
Love sees no pagans in people
Its reach is above good or evil

Love is the precondition of peace
Solves the puzzle piece by piece
Love is the oxygen of life
For existence without strife
Love is the symbol of beauty
It’s the essence of humility

Love is the ultimate sign of God
An armor against any sword
Love conquers any philosophy
As its knot ties to divinity
Love is true like any Science
As it breeds no human bias

Love is the immortality of mortals
Bringing home the highest laurels
Love is the cornerstone of greatness
The secret behind immaculate success
Love unlocks the code of fate
Knowing best how to translate

Without love, Rumi was just a scholar
Before love, Ghazali was only a thinker
Love was the spark of Ibn-al-Arabi’s genius
Without it, philosophy was Iqbal’s venus
When they tasted the depth of love
Wisdom opened its doors from above

Love isn’t merely a four-letter word
In it lies a symphony to be heard
It is the emancipation of human-self
It is a library, not a shelf
Speeches, sermons theorize liberty
Love turns it into actuality

Let the world embrace this message
Towards cure, this is the passage
Let humanity dig much deeper
to discover our differences are meeker
May this be the rhythm of 2022
One day, let this poet’s dream come true!




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