The Villager & Satan (Iblees): Sufi Story

The Villager and Satan - Sufi Story

The Villager and Satan – Sufi Story

The Villager and Satan (Iblees)

A simpleton villager heard about Satan that he beguiles people into committing mischief and lead them astray. Angered by this, the villager picked his axe and left home looking for Satan, determined to exterminate him forever.

During his way, he met Satan. As he raised his axe, Satan pleaded him to spare his life in lieu of a monthly sum of gold coins. The villager thought about it and accepted the offer and went back home.

For 3 months, Satan sent him the sum regularly. However, the fourth month the payment didn’t arrived.

Infuriated, he picked the axe again looking to teach Satan a lesson.

On his way, he met Satan again, who was looking much stronger than before

“Why did you stop the payments. Don’t you see my axe?”, the villager waved his axe and exclaimed.

“The first time we met, your goals (niyat) was to kill me for the benefit of humankind”, Satan replied. “I was scared of your honesty, never your axe. However, now you are here not for the benefit of people, but for your greed. I am no longer scared and if you take a small step, I will tear you apart into pieces!”


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