Visit to Masjid Wazir Khan & Fakir Khana Museum

Lahore Inner City (Androon Shehr) has innumerable sites of tourist interest, including Mughal era Mosques and shrines, gates, and amazing street food to name of few. The real city of Lahore enclosed within 13 Famous Lahori Inner City Gates which still remains testimonial of Lahore’s crown of Pakistan’s capital of arts and culture.

I visited my ancestral house near Lohari Gate first time in 2010 and also paid visit to few key sites, including Masjid Wazir Khan and Fakirkhana Museum.

Below are some photos of Masjid Wazir Khan of what is regarded by architects as the most ornated Mughal mosque. There are also some photos of Fakirkhana Museum which is one of Lahore’s androon shehr’s undiscovered gems.



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