When Emotions diverge Sufi and God: Sufi Story of Bishr and the Leper

When Bishr was a Sufi disciple in Abadan, he came across the most unfortunate man who was suffering from leprosy.  With such disease and blindness, he was lying on the ground as people had alienated him.

“I do feel your sorrow hence sympathise with you” Bishr said as he went near to the Leper showing him compassion and humanity for his condition. 

“Who stranger come here to stand between me and my Allah”, replied the Leper. “Whatever the condition of my body, with or without, I have my love for him and no complaints.”

Mashghul states that this story is important in Sufism as Sufi are not to indulge in their sentimentality or sorrows and as others praise him for his compassion. 

Such appetite for indulgence is an idol, that comes between Seeker and The Creator. 


Sufi in Water

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